Precision Redefined

KS Systems, a leader in innovative system solutions since 1975, sought to enhance its calculation processes by transitioning to Merkato.

The partnership facilitated seamless integration, enabling precise calculations vital for their diverse projects.

With Merkato’s deployment, KS Systems anticipates streamlined model building, faster calculations, and improved collaboration among subsidiaries, promising enhanced efficiency and growth opportunities.

Client: KS Systems Integrations: Trimergo

A Configurator Capable of Complexity

KS Systems breathes life into innovative system solutions for warehousing, construction, and solar applications, acting as a dependable partner since 1975. With a knack for out-of-the-box thinking, the Dutch company specializes in delivering custom solutions tailored to these industries. Given the complexity of such solutions and load-bearing structures, meticulous calculation work is essential. Thus, when KS Systems decided to transition from their self-made ERP system to Trimergo’s system, it necessitated replacing their connected, self-made calculation tool, a decision they carefully weighed.

Facilitating Calculations

Precision in calculations stands as a cornerstone of KS Systems’ operations, especially concerning factors like hole patterns, profiling speeds, and material properties. Accurate calculations hold immense significance, particularly considering the impact on pricing when dealing with large quantities. Hence, KS Systems meticulously evaluated the selection of a suitable configurator that seamlessly integrates with their new ERP system, aiming for accuracy in complex calculations while ensuring user-friendly functionality.

Streamlined Model Building

Guided by Trimergo’s recommendation, KS Systems explored Merkato as a potential solution, recognizing its compatibility as a framework for their intricate calculations. Given the complexity of the subject matter, they engaged Merkato’s consultants for a three-day collaboration to devise an initial solution. Fortunately, the fusion of expertise and Merkato’s flexibility expedited the solution’s readiness within a day, leaving the subsequent days for refinement and strategic planning. This approach enabled KS Systems to gauge the new method’s impact across various (fictional) orders.

Enhanced Synergy

Confidence reigns among project team members regarding the anticipated success. With Merkato’s deployment across the organization, building and maintaining models will become notably simpler for KS Systems’ employees. Even those less experienced can navigate the tool effortlessly, thanks to its capacity to execute highly complex calculations using standard functions without convoluted coding. Quicker calculations breed confidence in results, while the potential for improved collaboration among KS Systems’ subsidiaries through Merkato’s standard Remote Template Library promises a valuable expansion for the future.

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