Shifting gears with Merkato

Kraker Trailers Axel sought a new sales and product configurator to match their innovative approach.

They chose Merkato for its dependability, stability, and technical innovation, aligning with their growing needs.

With Merkato, Kraker Trailers Axel has transcended previous limitations, now benefiting from simplified system maintenance and enhanced functionalities, ensuring uniformity and user-friendliness for their global dealer network.

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Driving Innovation

Kraker Trailers Axel B.V., a Dutch company with a global dealer network, is renowned for manufacturing strong and reliable sliding floor trailers. Their secret? Continuously incorporating user feedback into development, innovating, and utilizing the right materials in the right places. For a company as innovative as Kraker Trailers Axel, it’s crucial that their sales and product configurator keeps pace. However, they encountered limitations with their existing configurator, prompting a search for a new solution that aligns with their growing needs for functionality and support.

Seeking Dependability and Stability

In the realm of sliding floor trailers, Kraker Trailers Axel consistently opts for the most effective and reliable long-term solutions, reflected in their five-year warranty on trailers. It’s no surprise they sought the same qualities in a new configurator. Their quest for stability, certainty, and technical innovation led them to Merkato. As a market leader, Merkato system emerged as a modern and technically advanced solution, unparalleled by others in the market. Following productive discussions, mutual commitment, and an impressive factory tour at Kraker Trailers Axel as part of the agreement, the partnership was sealed.

Where Kraker Trailers Axel previously felt restricted by their configurator's limitations, Merkato has opened up new horizons. Features once challenging to implement are now readily available in Merkato, and system maintenance has become significantly simpler.

User-Friendliness and Uniformity for Dealers

Kraker Trailers Axel’s dealers span the globe, posing challenges in configuring and quoting uniformly, especially when a configurator cannot scale or lacks necessary functionalities. The functionalities, user-friendliness, and fresh look and feel of Merkato have been well-received by dealers, making their work more enjoyable and straightforward.


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