Elevating Sales Efficiency

Hunter Douglas Architectural turned to Merkato to simplify the quote generation process, replacing the cumbersome Excel method.

Merkato streamlines operations, resulting in quicker, more accurate quotes and efficient management of pricing and reporting through SuperOffice integration.

Client: HunterDouglas Integrations: SuperOffice

Streamlining Sales

Hunter Douglas Architectural is a company from the Netherlands with offices all over the world. They work with architects and designers everywhere to improve suspended ceilings and wall coverings.

While suspended ceilings aren’t too complicated, there are many options for colors, materials, and more. Because of this, it’s hard for employees to quickly make quotes. They have to choose from 8 to 15 item numbers for each quote, and there are hundreds (or even thousands) of item numbers to pick from. This takes a lot of time and attention, and sometimes, they might forget to include less common products.

Empowering Sales Teams

Before, Hunter Douglas Architectural used Excel to help with this, but it was messy and caused problems. Now, with Merkato, they’re making things easier and more organized.

Sales offices can still work their own way with Merkato, but now they have more standard ways to do things. They can choose standard margins for different products and adjust them as needed. The old way and the Merkato way both focus on getting good results, but Merkato gives more freedom to do things how they want.

Quick and Accurate Quotes

With Merkato, making quotes is quicker and more accurate. In the Netherlands, it only takes 2 minutes to make a simple quote, much faster than before.

Integration with SuperOffice is also important for Hunter Douglas Architectural. They use Merkato to make reports in SuperOffice, like quotes in PDF format. They can also clone or make versions of quotes, which helps when multiple contractors want quotes for the same project.

Overall, Hunter Douglas Architectural uses Merkato to make things faster and more organized. It helps with making quotes, product management, setting prices, and keeping everything in good shape.


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