Feeding Innovation

SIEPLO, based in Lunteren, develops sustainable feeding systems for agriculture, shipping them worldwide through dealers.

Merkato’s implementation has standardized offers across dealers, saving time and enabling focus on growth, with seamless integration into Salesforce and RidderIQ ensuring efficiency.

Client: Sieplo Integrations: Salesforce, Ridder

Standardizing Sales Process

Sieplo, a Lunteren-based company develops sustainable feeding systems for the agricultural sector. From the Netherlands, these smart solutions for feeding cows, calves, goats and sheep are shipped – through a network of dealers – to livestock farmers around the world.

Dealers struggled to offer all the different machines in the right way. There was too much room for customisation and this hindered standardisation in the factory. Since the implementation, Merkato has ensured control over the factory’s input.

All dealers can now make the same offers, giving visibility of what is being sold worldwide. This uniformity saves SIEPLO a considerable amount of time and so the company can again focus on further growth. Of course, the multilingualism of the configurator is also important, given the international sales market. SIEPLO is currently live with their Greenline series – the Redline products will soon follow!

Salesforce and RidderIQ

Merkato was further seamlessly integrated into Salesforce and, thanks to the standard link to RidderIQ provided by www.flexproces.com, the whole process is now “watertight”. This delivers huge savings to SIEPLO in many ways.  SIEPLO’s then chief engineer (Gerhard van Ooijen) completely standardised all products. When he finished this, there was more than enough time left to build a nice product configurator. Indeed, SIEPLO had prepared the product structuring so well in advance that the configurator for the first twelve machines was ready before the training had even been scheduled.

Last but not least, if products already exist in Merkato but not yet in Salesforce, they are still automatically created in here. The prices as recorded in Merkato are then used to correctly populate the quote in Salesforce. Maximum efficiency!


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