Enhancing Logistics Efficiency

RAVAS Europe specializes in manufacturing and distributing mobile weighing systems, offering innovative solutions to improve logistics and enhance customer satisfaction.

Following acquisition by a Belgian family office, the company prioritized internal process optimization, selecting Merkato for its superior functionality and seamless integration with Exact Globe.

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Innovation in Weighing Solutions

RAVAS Europe specializes in manufacturing and distributing mobile weighing systems integrated into hand pallet trucks, warehouse trucks, and forklifts. These innovative solutions enable businesses worldwide to achieve direct cost savings, enhance internal logistics, improve product and service quality, and increase customer satisfaction.

Transformation and Efficiency

Following its acquisition by a Belgian family office, RAVAS Europe underwent significant internal process transformations to streamline operations. A key objective, alongside generating multilingual quote documents, was to create orders directly from Merkato into Exact Globe. The decision to choose Merkato after an extensive selection process was based on its superior functionality, flexibility in user interface creation, and the philosophy that “Form follows function,” ensuring the interface meets the users’ needs without compromise.


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