Driving Sales Success

The MAN Group, with its long history, delivers quality trucks and buses that align with its brand values.

Utilizing Merkato, MAN Truck and MAN Bus empower their dealer network to sell vehicles with personalized branding, ensuring accurate configurations and seamless knowledge transfer for efficient sales processes.

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Story of The MAN

The MAN Group was founded in Germany over 250 years ago. MAN Truck supplies trucks for construction, traction, distribution and long-haul transport and MAN Bus supplies all kinds of buses: from city buses, intercity buses and coaches to chassis. All vehicles have one thing in common: they comply with brand values. And in line with those brand values, MAN Truck and MAN Bus ended up with Merkato, in their search for sales support for accessories.

Enhancing Sales and Efficiency

By using the sales configurator, the MAN dealer network can now sell vehicles under its own banner and in its own look-and-feel. Impossibilities can no longer be sold, as the software guides the seller through the process. In it, all options, versions, options and accessories are discussed. Previously, accessories were not often offered and thus regularly ended up in the after-sales process. With Merkato’s deployment, selling dealers can now choose the right accessories from the always up-to-date accessories list in no time and prepare quotes based on the chosen vehicle.

Merkato also ensures synchronisation of work and installation processes across the dealer population, including by harmonising accessory installation hours. Finally, the configurator ensures that the knowledge of existing salespeople is flawlessly transferred to new salespeople.


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