Bubbling Efficiency

MAFO Industrial Washing, a leading provider of customized industrial washing solutions, faces challenges in streamlining quotations due to rapid growth and technical complexities.

With Merkato, they are able to automate the process, improve technical precision, enhance offer layout, and accommodate multilingual needs.

This makes Merkato the ideal solution for their configurator needs.

Client: MAFO Industrial Washing Integrations: n/a

Leading the Market

Hengelo-based MAFO Industrial Washing provides (customised) solutions for industrial washing and drying installations. Because of their high quality standards and years of experience, they belong to the highest segment of the market. Their speciality? Designing and producing industrial washing installations for the food and metalworking industries.

Streamlining quotations

MAFO is growing fast and, as a result, preparing quotations always takes too much time. The ideal scenario is that requests can be handled via the website, but that is not possible without the use of a configurator. Merkato is going to make this happen.

Another problem associated with quotations is that they are very technical in nature. Therefore, MAFO wants the link between the function and the solution to be defined in the quotation. The aim is that with a good problem description, Merkato will automatically start providing a technical solution.

Finally, the layout of the offers could use a makeover and the multilingual function is very important because of the international character of the company.

All in all, an ideal job for our configurator Merkato!


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