Luxury Configurations

M2M Solids specializes in custom high-end washbasins and utilizes Merkato’s CPQ solution to eliminate costly errors.

Their seamless configuration process and 3D visualizations empower clients to effortlessly design and adjust their luxury washbasins, ensuring a perfect fit and design every time while embracing the brand’s unique aesthetic for a visually stunning end product.

Merkato in action on M2M website

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3D Visualization

Tailoring to the unique specifications of each space, M2M gives their clients the opportunity to effortlessly design and configure their luxury washbasin. Merkato’s advanced configurator brings these designs to life with sleek 3D visualizations. With Merkato, incorrect configurations are a thing of the past, ensuring a perfect fit and design every time. The client can easily adjust their design in real-time. Additionally, Merkato simplifies the production process by generating accurate machine instructions at the touch of a button.

Customizable Configurator

The luxury experience extends beyond practicality into the aesthetic realm. M2M’s configurator fully embraces the brand’s unique look and feel, seamlessly integrating elements that align with M2M’s high-end branding and design principles. From color schemes and menu layouts to button shapes and backgrounds, every detail contributes to the overarching luxury experience, resulting in a visually stunning end product.

Merkato in action on M2M website


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