A Configured Makeover

Parketfabriek Lieverdink, renowned for its quality parquet floors, embarked on a modernization journey in 2021 after being acquired, aiming to streamline its sales process without compromising core values.

Embracing Merkato for sales standardization and efficiency, Lieverdink successfully implemented the tool, empowering resellers to generate professional, error-free quotes quickly, ensuring a seamless and prompt sales experience.

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Keeping Tradition, Modernizing Sales

For decades, Parketfabriek Lieverdink, a family business fueled by generations of wood enthusiasts, has stood as one of the Netherlands’ most reliable and high-quality parquet floor producers. Based in Doetinchem, they supply parquet and other flooring products to the trade industry, with sales channeled through hundreds of resellers in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. Their commitment to quality and integrity has led to significant growth among their reseller group. In 2021, the company was acquired to ensure its continuity, marking the beginning of a modernization era without changing the core values for the management, employees, and resellers. A critical aspect of this modernization was enhancing the sales process for increased efficiency, modernity, and consistency.

Embracing Modernization with Merkato

Lieverdink’s quest for an improved sales process led them to Merkato. A decisive meeting in December 2022 quickly cemented their trust in Merkato as the tool to standardize and modernize their sales process, making sales significantly easier for resellers.

Self-Configuration via Website

Several Lieverdink employees have undergone training and received guidance from Merkato consultants, setting the stage for success. They have largely set up the tool independently with the correct templates. Since going live at the end of 2023, many resellers have gained access to the tool, creating professional, error-free quotes quickly. Merkato’s user-friendliness ensures new resellers can easily adopt it, benefiting Lieverdink, resellers, and consumers alike with prompt, attractive quotes—a true success story.


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