Taking Flight

Levere streamlined its market strategy with Merkato, automating hangar configuration and post-quote operations.

Executive Castillo Müller led the Merkato implementation independently, facilitating rapid scalability for national and international expansion.

Client: Levere Integrations: n/a

Choosing Merkato

Levere, a young company based in Doesburg, has crafted a savvy market approach. Acting as a middleman between customers seeking short-term affordable production spaces and suppliers, Levere prioritizes speed, scalability, and cost-efficiency, minimizing errors to safeguard profit margins, leading them to choose the reliability of Merkato.

Streamlining Operations

Levere aimed to automate and error-proof the configuration process for hangars, recognizing the limitations of Excel. The configurator not only generates reliable quotes for customers but also for suppliers, a feat unachievable in Excel.

Utilizing an informative and interactive model, Levere’s customers can now input their preferences on the website to design their own hangar, with real-time work preparations enabling immediate access to pricing.

Furthermore, Merkato continues to support Levere post-quote signing, finalizing details, implementing modifications, and generating assignment confirmations and order forms, laying the groundwork for national and international expansion.

Securing Succes

Levere swiftly incorporated all necessary knowledge into Merkato, circumventing potential bottlenecks and establishing a foundation for future growth. Notably, executive Castillo Müller mastered Merkato without formal training, developing the configurator independently.


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