Knapen Trailers

Knapen Trailers, Europe’s pioneer in moving-floor trailers and self-supporting construction, relies on Merkato to streamline the sales process through its international dealer network.

With over 1000 variables, Merkato simplifies the complex configuration of trailers, leading to increased production without the need for expanded work preparation.

Client: Knapen Trailers Integrations: Exact Business Software

Leading Transport Efficiency

As Europe’s largest producer of moving floor trailers and the inventor of the self-supporting construction, Knapen Trailers stands as the specialist in transport efficiency. The company boasts an impressive international dealer network across approximately 30 countries, from Iceland to Russia and Norway to Sicily, with every dealer now utilizing Merkato. Notably, all trailers are robot-welded using solar energy.

The North Brabant-based Knapen Trailers produces a specific type of transport vehicle designed for easy combination of loads, with trailers that can be quite complex. With over 1,000 variables and numerous business rules determining the final order, dealers previously required extensive knowledge.

Simplified Trailer Configuration with Merkato

Knapen Trailers has long used configurators without finding the perfect match until Merkato. The choice for Merkato was initially due to its precise product input and the ability to meet specific country requirements, ensuring dealers can only configure and order trailers permitted in their countries, eliminating the possibility of selling impractical options. Merkato also serves as a training tool for all new national and international dealers.

Since implementing Merkato, production output has more than doubled.

Throughout Europe, numerous dealers are now swiftly and efficiently configuring trailers in their own language. Since implementing Merkato, production output has more than doubled, all while avoiding the need for expansion in work preparation!


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