The Evolution of Parking Management Solutions

IP Parking, a leader in parking solutions, faced challenges in efficiently generating error-free quotes amidst their expansion. To streamline operations and ensure data security, they adopted Merkato as their CPQ solution, facilitating accurate quoting and enabling further growth.

Client: IP Parking Integrations: Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Complex World of Parking Management:

Parking is a basic necessity for car owners, but behind the scenes, it involves a complex system of choices and technologies, supported by parking management systems. Choices abound: paid parking with ticketing, contactless payments, license plate recognition, and even reservations. IP Parking, based in Deurne with a software development branch in Zaandam, has become a leader in parking solutions over the last 15 years, serving clients globally.

As IP Parking expands, the need for professionalization grows, especially in quote generation. To meet this demand, they revamped their IT strategy, integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for ERP and seeking a CPQ solution.

After considering options like Merkato Essentials and CPQing Solutions, they opted for Merkato, highlighting the synergy within Merkato Holding in tailoring solutions for clients.

Prioritizing Data Security:

In addition to faster quoting, IP Parking prioritizes data security, as they handle sensitive information like license plate recognition and reservations. Hence, they require ISO27000 certification for their tools. Quootz met these standards and offered a robust application environment, making IP Parking’s decision easy.

For IP Parking, the benefits are manifold: streamlined quote generation, fewer errors, and enhanced scalability in their global operations.


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