Precision Engineering Goes Global

Cremer Specialty Machines pioneers high-speed, precise packaging solutions globally.

Merkato adoption ensures error-free quotes worldwide, crucial for expanding markets like China and America.

Additionally, Merkato streamlines parts list compilation for machine production, vital as production shifts to the Netherlands.

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Precision Engineering for Diverse Industries

The worldwide operating company Cremer Specialty machines from Lisse specializes in counting and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, food, consumer goods and agricultural industry. The machines they produce have unparalleled speed and precision. Cremer is part of the Uhlmann Group from Germany.

Due to the takeover by Uhlmann, the number of possible outlets has increased enormously. In countries such as China and America, however, there is insufficient knowledge to independently make 100% correct quotes for Cremer machines. This is an important reason for Cremer to start with Merkato. The Cremer specific knowledge rules will be laid down in the coming weeks, after which a 100% error-free quotation can be made anywhere in the world.

Streamlining Production Processes

Another important reason to start with Merkato comes from the production department. Machines previously produced by Uhlmann in Germany will have to be made in the Netherlands from April 1, 2020. In order to produce these machines, a correct parts list is required, which is compiled by Merkato based on the chosen specifications.


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