AWL, based in the Netherlands with global branches, delivers automated production lines for welding and gluing, notably in automotive sectors.

Merkato simplifies AWL’s sales process, ensuring standardized system delivery worldwide, with faster quotes and easy-to-use templates for designing cohesive machine lines.

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Leading the Industry

With its headquarters in Harderwijk, the Netherlands, and branches in the Czech Republic, China, America, and Mexico, and worldwide customers in various segments, including the automotive sector, AWL can be regarded as a top company.

Streamlining Production

AWL supplies automated production lines for welding and gluing components. Within the company, certain lines had to be produced in increasingly higher volumes. This required a standardization and modularization process. In addition, to deliver standardized systems, it was important to better manage the sales process, to ensure that the customer is offered and delivered a product that falls within the framework of those defined modules and module variants. And this is exactly what Merkato is now guaranteeing worldwide within all AWL business units. In addition to this well-defined sales process, our configurator also provides better calculations and better quotes, which are also drawn up much faster.

The templates are easy to build, and the knowledge rules are easy to record. The project structure within Merkato also appears to be perfect for designing machine lines that work together. Ideal for AWL to put together a process line, which also uses a simple, graphical configurator in order to ‘click the blocks together’.

Also nice to know: Merkato was chosen by AWL after a long and intensive selection process.


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