A new way of collaboration

Albo Deuren selected Quootz alongside Epicor ERP for their configuration tool needs, emphasizing functionality, a no-nonsense approach, and constructive collaboration.

By integrating their knowledge into Merkato, Albo Deuren can efficiently provide accurate offers to customers, aligning with their commitment to collaborative problem-solving and solution delivery.

Client: Albo Deuren Integrations: Epicor

Choosing Merkato

At the end of 2018, Albo was engaged in an ERP selection process alongside consultants from Skopos Yield Builders. They aimed to search for and select a configuration tool simultaneously with an ERP system, as for Albo Doors, one cannot do without the other.

Epicor ERP was chosen, and after an intensive selection process, Albo Deuren opted for Merkato, especially for its software functionality, our no-nonsense mentality, and the willingness to work constructively together.

Living Up to Commitments

Albo Deuren’s website states: “At Albo Deuren, the focus lies on intensive collaboration with our partners, that’s you. Organized sharing of knowledge and skills is of great added value with the increasing demand for total solutions. That is our belief. We at Albo Projects like to think along with you at an early stage and take the work off your hands.”

By storing all this knowledge in our Merkato, the possibilities and impossibilities of total solutions quickly become clear. The offer, which is drawn up with the Albo customer, is always accurate and can be produced quickly. With this, Albo can live up to the above statement more than ever!


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