Will we see you at Advanced Engineering 2023?

Visit us at Advanced Engineering in Antwerp Expo on May 24-25 to get a demo of how we can help you sell your innovative products.

Demo of the Merkato software for product and sales configuration

At the fair we will demonstrate how other companies, offering tailor-made products and/or very complex and broad product portfolios to their customers, are already reaping the benefits of using Merkato.

Free access via this link

We will show:
– How to convert product knowledge into one or more user-friendly configuration templates,
– What Merkato means for companies that work tailor-made for the customer,
– How Merkato interacts with your CAD, PLM, CRM, and ERP systems,
– How complex projects can be easily sold,
– Which analyses are possible based on the data from Merkato.

We participate in this fair as we are convinced that we offer added value to sell the most complex products in a simple way. We would love to hear what challenges you have in store for us ;-).

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