Blog 12: More Conversion, Sales, and Loyalty with Merkato as an Online Configurator, by Niek Hafkamp, Strategic Advisor B2B

When thinking of a CPQ solution, the focus often immediately goes to optimizing the sales process and standardizing and simplifying quotes. However, Merkato does more than that.

Did you know you can deploy Merkato as a direct ‘sales tool’ on your website? Many clients are already leveraging these digital capabilities, seeing a significant boost in their online sales.

Merkato’s secret lies in its user-friendliness, attractiveness, and the intuitive way website visitors can immediately start using it. In this blog, I’m eager to share more about it.

How to Stand Out from Your Competition?

With today’s digital capabilities and developments in AI technology, like ChatGPT, websites, apps, and content are mushrooming at an incredible pace. How do you differentiate yourself in these times, where companies are fiercely competing online? And when you get that visitor on your website, how do you ensure you understand who they are and what they are looking for? In other words: how do you convert them on your website? We can reveal that the secret lies in the value you can offer online AND how attractively you present it.

Configurator as a Lead Generation Tool

People are increasingly accustomed to making purchase decisions online, often without any personal contact. When a potential buyer can gather exactly the information they need for their purchase decision online, they are more inclined to buy. Using Merkato as a configurator on your website allows the website visitor to configure precisely the product they want. With the right dimensions, materials, colors, and/or extras. Optionally with an immediate 3D visualization. And, of course, with the right price. Your website visitor immediately gets a clear picture of the possibilities, a product tailored to their wishes, and a price. You gain insight into what this potential customer desires and can easily close the sale. That’s what we call a win-win situation.

The Power of Merkato as an Online Configurator

However, not all configurators are created equal. If an online configurator is too extensive, not intuitive, or simply unattractive, those website visitors will quickly leave. After all, online choices are vast. UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) are therefore incredibly important for increasing your online conversion ratio. Your configurator must match the rest of your website and your brand style. The same fonts, colors, icons, and style elements. It should feel like an integrated whole (UI). Additionally, it must work quickly and intuitively. Within a few mouse clicks, this website visitor should find what they are looking for with a smile on their face. Navigation, structure, and speed play a role here (UX). And THAT is where Merkato excels.

With Merkato as a configurator on your website, you achieve:

    • Longer and more valuable website visits;
    • An increased conversion ratio;
    • Qualified leads, directly into your CRM system;
    • Improved appreciation of and trust in your brand;
    •  Greater engagement and loyalty.

Would you like to know what Merkato as an online configurator can do for your organization? Are you interested in how we seamlessly integrate our configurator into websites and optimize it in terms of UI and UX? We’re eager to have a conversation with you and show you the success stories!