Streamlining Product Management

Euro Mail specializes in direct mail and marketing solutions.

They introduced a customer portal allowing clients to customize and send their own mailings.

Utilizing Merkato, Euro Mail streamlined their product management, resulting in cost optimization and enhanced flexibility, fostering a fruitful collaboration between the two entities.

Client: PostNL Integrations: Sana, Xgram

The Rise of the Customer Portal

The Euro Mail company, based in Waddinxveen, is the digital sister company of PostNL, formerly known as TNT. Euromail is primarily engaged in direct mail and direct marketing. A recent development is the introduction of a customer portal, empowering end customers to customize their own mailings and send them directly.
Through the website, customers can select from a range of product packages. There are 13 basic products available, offering a variety of paper types, cover materials, finishes, stitching methods, shipping options, addressing methods, and packaging choices.

The Need for a Comprehensive Solution

The potential combinations of end products available through this portal are vast, numbering in the millions, with a significant set of rules to govern them. Not all products can be created with every type of paper, different inks are required for different paper types, and certain production methods are incompatible with certain products.
Recognizing that Excel was inadequate for managing such a diverse product range, Euro Mail opted to invest in Merkato in early 2011. Setting up the options and business rules was completed within a few weeks, reflecting the precision required in Euro Mail’s industry.

Key considerations include:

– Weight of ink and staples used
– Technical capabilities of available machines
– Volume discounts
– Roll fill levels
– Transport logistics (e.g., pallet stacking methods)
– Postage options for various packaging types to different countries

Impressed by Merkato's capabilities and user-friendly interface, Euro Mail integrated all calculations directly into their business model.

A comprehensive solution

The result is an optimized pricing model that considers numerous parameters to offer the most competitive prices. Managing the portal-dependent product range is effortless through the web interface, saving significant management hours and enabling swift responses to market changes.

The project has proven to be mutually beneficial, laying the groundwork for a long-term partnership focused on realizing new and existing plans!


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